Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ready to Vote

The real reforms I'm looking for aren't there -- 50%+1 to pass the budget, 2/3 to amend the state constitution, and eliminating term limits --- but after reading through the voter info guide, I'm actually inclined to vote yes on all the state budget props; most take earmarked money and free it up for the general fund so the lawmakers can actually use it for the budget.

Make no mistake, though, the lawmaking and budget process in California is seriously broken. The Economist has a good article summarizing the problems.

As for the other races, I'm voting for Jack Weiss for city attorney, because while he's been personally annoying trying to push projects through our office, ultimately he's on the side that recognizes that more densification and more development is the way to go; I'm afraid Trutanich would put control over land-use issues in the hands of NIMBYs.

I took a look at the Community College District candidates' web sites and decided to go with Tina Park for Seat 2 on the strength of her budgetary credentials* and Nancy Pearlman for Seat 6 on the strength of her environmental credentials.

*Also, it's hard to vote against a campaign photo like this:


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