Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tuesday's Election

Man, there's an election on Tuesday and I really haven't done my homework yet. State Propositions 1A - 1F are widely touted by Sacramento as being necessary to balance the budget, but I haven't yet figured out what they do, much less if they're really a good idea. What I'd really like to see happen is a wholesale restructuring of the state government, reversing some of the insanity that requires a 2/3 majority of the legislature to pass a budget while allowing the constitution to be amended with a 50%+1 majority from the voters. I mean, how dumb is it that they have to beg us to pass propositions to keep the state afloat instead of being able to fix it themselves?

So anyway, does anybody out there have good arguments or even just good information on these propositions?

I also have a runoff for City Attorney and two Community College District trustee positions to vote for. I've dealt with Jack Weiss at work; does anybody know anything about Carmen Trutanich or the people running for the LACCD seats?


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