Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not Available on Amazon

1. You can find DVDs of Don Hertzfeldt's great animated films on his own website, along with T-shirts, etc. Amazon only has used copies for much more money.2. This MySpace page features several unreleased Oingo Boingo songs as well as several video clips of the band.
MORE: Dig that 1982 clip of Boingo miming performances of "Nothing to Fear" and "Grey Matter" on MV3. MV3 was a local show that ran on Channel 9, featuring people dancing in a studio while bands performed and videos played. I didn't have MTV but would watch this just about every afternoon after school. Notably, it had more local music and a much stronger New Wave bent than was popular nationwide. The lineup of videos from the day of Boingo's performance, as seen in the credits:
  1. Calling All Girls by Hilly Michaels,
  2. Destination Unknown by Missing Persons,
  3. White Wedding by Billy Idol,
  4. Mental Hopscotch by Missing Persons,
  5. Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club,
  6. Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel,
  7. Talk to Ya Later by the Tubes, and
  8. Only the Lonely by the Motels.

ALSO: The same guy with the clips above has more stuff available here.


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