Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sir Eugene Kingsale

Wow... not only did the Dutch improbably beat the Dominican Republic on Saturday, but tonight they did it again, eliminating the superstar-packed Dominicans from the competition!

Eugene Kingsale, after committing an error to allow the D.R.'s only run in the top of the 11th, was instrumental in the Netherlands' comeback walkoff win in the bottom half of the inning. He singled in the first run, advanced to third on a botched pickoff attempt, and then came home to plate the winning run on Yurendell de Caster's hard-hit grounder off of Willy Aybar's glove. What a game!
So you might think there'd be something big in it for Kingsale. But here's the thing... he's already been knighted by Queen Beatrix! Maybe there's an eligible bachelorette in the royal family they can marry off.

Oh, and take note of one of the stranger bits revealed in the Tom Verducci article above... Fidel Castro himself is blogging the tournament.


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