Sunday, August 05, 2007

A note on photos

I've added photos from a lot of travel I've done over the last couple of years on my Picasa Web Albums site, including an exciting trip that involved a flight to Puerto Rico and a drive all the way back to California from Miami, though I haven't labeled those ones yet. I also plan to write up narratives for the trips similar to the one below on Cincinnati that show some of the highlights.

You may notice that there aren't very many people in my photos. Reason #1 is that usually I'm taking pictures of the scenery. Reason #2 is that on some of the trips, I'm by myself. Reason #3 is that even when I have taken pictures of people, I've removed a lot of photos of people when the people don't necessarily look their best or may be sensitive about appearing in public photos. If you see any pictures of you in the albums that you'd like taken down, please let me know.

Also, interspersed among the photos are a few short videos I took with my camera that are really low-resolution but might serve to better illustrate some areas. When you're looking at the thumbnails of the photos on Picasa Web Albums, the only difference you'll see for the video thumbnails is a little rectangle in the lower-left corner. So just note that the videos are kinda hard to pick out from the photos.


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