Friday, August 03, 2007

Picasa Web Albums

Yahoo Photos is vanishing sometime next month. For now, at least, I've decided not to get a paid Flickr account and instead try Google's Picasa Web Albums (for free) instead. I'm in the process of uploading a bunch of photos to it for public viewing. Here is my public photo site. Hat tip to my sister Dorothy for using this service first so I could see it.

The only thing so far that kinda irks me is that I already save my photos on my hard drive with filenames that give a brief description (and sequence order) of the photo in question, but the PWA interface doesn't seem to display the photo's filename anywhere except if you try to download the photo yourself. I can be more descriptive in the captions section, but it's a pain to have to essentially label each photo twice. You also can't even copy and paste captions from one photo to another, which seems like it would be an easy fix. (UPDATE: I think I was wrong. You can copy and paste.) Displaying the filename prominently would save me the hassle of captioning every single photo.

What I do like about PWA is that with the downloadable Picasa application, it's very easy to upload a whole bunch of photos. It also seems to be pretty smart about when to make a new album and what to title it and when to add to an existing album and such. So far bandwidth and storage space have not become an issue, though I think if I uploaded all of my photos I'd have to spring for the first upgrade of storage space. What would be extra keen would be if I could have multiple folder levels rather than just isolated albums. Overall, though, I like this site, though I would like to see a few improvements.


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