Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Various Things

1. So Whitney Houston is divorcing Bobby Brown. This is good news for Osama bin Laden, who was reported to be obsessed with her. I wonder if this is maybe all just part of a CIA plot to send in Whitney as an undercover agent to join Osama's harem and reveal his hiding place.

2. Britney Spears's second child came in two days under the one-year mark to barely qualify as an Irish twin. For the record, her hubby Kevin Federline has fathered children in 2002, 2004, 2005, and now 2006. One remarkable thing I didn't know before is that the mother of K-Fed's earlier children, Shar Jackson, had two more children herself before getting together with Federline. Quite the fertile bunch! Jackson's first kid, Donnie, was born in 1991, when she was about 15. For those of you doing the math, that means that if Donnie had followed in his mother's footsteps, the now 30-year-old Shar Jackson could have been a grandmother!

3. Today in BoingBoing, Xeni Jardin seems surprised to discover that the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment are not absolute. Oh well, with a lack of basic understanding of the Constitution like that it's a good thing she doesn't write for a site obsessed with constitutional freedoms and their real or perceived infringements or anything. Or, um, maybe she does.

4. Just earlier this month I wrote about the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. Warren Jeffs' replacement on the updated list is Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, who was put on the list on September 7 and was captured the very next day. I wonder who'll take that spot on the list next.

5. With the tragic shootings today at Dawson College in Montreal, I poked around on Wikipedia and noted that all four people listed as "Canadian Mass Murderers" committed their crimes in Quebec. Odd.


At Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 8:02:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Matthew B. said...

Even weirder -- this is the fourth school shooting in Montreal since 1989, including two of the mass murders on the Wikipedia list. But the guys behind the Air India bombing, the worst mass murder in Canadian history, were presumably from the Vancouver area.

At Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 6:58:00 PM PDT, Blogger Adam Villani said...

James Taranto notes (scroll down to "Proof that Gun Control Works") in the AP story:

"Canada's worst mass shooting ... spurred efforts for new gun laws achieved mainly as the results of efforts by survivors and relatives of Lepine's victims."

and another Montreal school shooting and wonders:

"Those new gun laws certainly worked out well, didn't they?"

At Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 11:43:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Matthew B. said...

The "new gun laws" the AP story refers to consist mostly of a seldom-enforced firearm registry. Semi-automatic rifles of the type Lepine used are still unrestricted in Canada. The carbine that Gill used is restricted -- it's treated as a handgun -- but he'd apparently obtained the requisite permits for it. If Taranto's aiming at some kind of "only outlaws will have guns" argument then I don't really see his point; if he's just making a flip comment then, well, yeah.

I think the immediate fallout from the shooting is going to be demands for much tougher weapon restrictions. The Conservatives will make a few speeches and then quietly ignore the issue, and that'll be it.

At Friday, September 15, 2006 at 8:56:00 AM PDT, Blogger Adam Villani said...

Well, it is Taranto, no stranger to the flip comment.


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