Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Prediction

The election may be over, but we political junkies who were following the election news day and night don't have to go cold turkey now; there are things like recounts in Minnesota and speculation over cabinet posts to satisfy our cravings.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to make a prediction for an obscure cabinet post, said obscurity making me look smarter if I turn out to actually be right, and also insuring that nobody (including myself) will care if I am wrong. My prediction is that Tammy Duckworth will be selected for Secretary of Veterans' Affairs. Why?
  1. She is an Iraq War veteran whose criticism of the war is similar to Obama's,
  2. She is a double amputee due to war injuries,
  3. She is female,
  4. She is Asian-American (half Thai, half white),
  5. She narrowly lost a race for Congress as the Democratic nominee in 2006,
  6. She was appointed to head the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs after losing the election, and I have not seen any evidence of there being any major problems with her administration, and
  7. Illinois is Obama's home state, so he either knows her or knows people who do.
So there you go.

UPDATE: I was wrong. He is Asian, though.


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