Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good-Luck Charm

My father-in-law came to this country in 1969 to go to grad school at the University of Connecticut, and the nearby Miracle Mets promptly won the World Series that year. Later he got his doctorate at the University of Cincinnati, where the Big Red Machine won the Series in 1975 and 1976. Then he went on to Pittsburgh, where lo and behold, the Pirates won it in 1979. Later on, while living in New Jersey, the Mets won a second time in 1986. Then he moved to Southern California in 1988 where, as you know, the Dodgers became champions. Since then he's stayed put, and the Dodgers lost their mojo, though the Angels did win in 2002. He's had more home-team World Series championships than a 45-year-old lifelong Yankees fan.

So maybe we can quickly set up some kind of real estate scam where he buys a cheap house in Mississippi or somesuch and then quickly sells it in order to "move" back to L.A. in time for the Dodgers to turn it around and start beating the Phillies. Unfortunately he's currently on an overseas trip.


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