Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Still More Voting

Commenter Michael T Sweeney on Matthew Yglesias's blog draws comparisons between the Presidential candidates and the Best Picture nominees:
Obama - No Country for Old Men (highbrow critic's pick - Obama is not an "old man," the only film from the pack that promises excitement.)

Clinton - Atonement (the Middlebrow pick. Based on a best-selling novel means built in fan base. Not as action-packed or charming as opponents, but adaption of complex novel supports claims of greater substance)

McCain - There Will be Blood (title says it all. McCain will keep the troops in Iraq for 100 years and bomb Iran.)

Romney - Michael Clayton (boring and corporate, starring a guy who's suspiciously good-looking. People can't believe it's in the running for the highest honor)

Huckabee - Juno (scrappy underdog. Achieved great success without much money. Quirky and funny, but some have found it light on substance. Carries an anti-abortion message)

Personally, I haven't yet seen Michael Clayton, but this is the best crop of Best Picture nominees in a while... all four that I've seen have been somewhere in the very good to excellent range.


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