Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The TV Station that Cried "Special Report"

KNBC just broke into their regular programming for more than five minutes to deliver an important special report telling us about... a terrorist attack?... a local plane crash?... an assassination?... did we bomb Iran?... No! It was to tell us that the Phil Spector jury had deadlocked and that the judge declared a mistrial. That couldn't wait for a commercial break? A scroll across the bottom? The top of the hour?

There are going to be some angry Days of Our Lives viewers out there. Media pundits can rail against the sorry state of local news* all they want, but any TV station should know not to mess with soap opera fans.

*Incidentally, how pathetic are those spots NBC has with Brian Williams telling us that he can't imagine reading about important events online, and that the only real news is TV news? Somebody needs to tell their local affiliates.


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