Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Splitting Images"

Check out this list of celebrity impersonators available from a British company. Click on the names for photos. Most of the impersonators look maybe about one or two degrees closer to the celebrity they're impersonating than an average person dressing up as that celebrity for Halloween would, although remember that the Clint Eastwood or Ronaldo impersonator you hire for your party is probably going to have an English accent, which can't help matters. I get the feeling that these Tiger Woods or Mariah Carey impersonators didn't even go out and buy new clothes before trying to land gigs at corporate events. Some of the pictures just look frightening.

What goes through the mind of a woman who realizes she qualifies as a Camilla Parker-Bowles lookalike? I also have to wonder what universe England is in when someone can be paid money to appear as a Raisa Gorbachev impersonator.

Or, even in England, I have to imagine the only use for a Linford Christie impersonator might be for if you're planning some kind of real estate fraud and you want to bring in a Linford Christie lookalike to show prospective marks that you're legitimate because you've got a national hero backing their investment.


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