Monday, October 02, 2006

Iraq: The World's First Suicide State?

I find myself baffled by much of the Iraq war and can offer little in the way of productive advice (besides "why not avoid policies that don't accomplish much but piss a lot of people off?"), so there's something to be said about this article by Brendan O'Neill about how he finds himself baffled by the Iraq war, offering little in the way of productive advice. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I agree with him about the lack of ideology in the insurgency. O'Neill seems off-put by the "lack of politics" of the insurgents, but it seems to me their actions are motivated by an effort to use chaos as their weapon to destroy any efforts to produce a governed, even halfway-modern state so that they can instead have a land ruled by theocratic, hard-line mullahs. Just take a look at Somalia for a blueprint; the first strong government emerging there after 15 years of anarchy is one ruled by Islamic militants.

Update: I corrected the sentence up there to read "...policies that don't accomplish much...," which was my original intent.


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