Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Stale Urine Tracks!

A couple of days before I got married in April, Stale Urine got together and recorded some tracks for our next album. This new album (Stale Urine's Bachelor Party! 3) is still a work in progress and we may re-record some of these songs, but you can take a listen to .mp3s of them now. We should also have our version of Jeff Wayne's "Horsell Common and the Heat Ray" up soon, maybe even within a few days.

If you want to hear what I sound like when I'm singing kind of lamely, I have the lead vocals on "The Whiteness of the Whale," for which I also wrote the lyrics. For this session, the original six Urines participated, plus Alex Dunn on clarinet, plus guests Lance Morris (bass guitar), Monica Muñiz (percussion), Richard Graham (percussion), and Gina Malfatti (synth). Not everybody participated in the recording of each track, of course.


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