Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shaving Update

I should note, apropos to the shaving discussion below, that upon arrival in Hawai'i, I discovered that the head of the disposable razor I had packed has snapped off in transit, so in a fit of extravagance, I picked up one of those insane 5+1-blade Gillette Fusion razors at the Longs Drugs in Kahului. So for the past week I've been using that, although I'm still just using hot water instead of shaving cream.

It does give a nice shave. I especially like how I can run it across my neck just once to shave off all of my neck hairs without irritation. It gets the cheeks and upper lip area well, too. The one area I have to work at some is the chin; the five-blade head is too wide, and the single-blade reverse end isn't much help. All the same, the difference between this and my old twin-blade disposable isn't a night-and-day thing, just an incremental difference. I'll probably use this for a while, get sick of paying so much for replacement cartridges after a while, and then go back to disposables.


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