Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quick Update

1. The wedding went well, everybody had fun, etc. Jen's and my marriage has now lasted several times as long as Britney Spears's first marriage, so that's something.

2. I passed all of the written parts of my comprehensive exams for my Master's degree. Essentially this means I just have to show up to the oral part next Tuesday and do a better job of explaining my answer to the Policy Analysis question.

3. Jen and I are now back from our honeymoon on Maui. It was way cool. I'll post photos later. After a bad start in which we barely missed the cutoff to make our direct flight to Maui last Monday, we ended up catching a later flight to Honolulu, getting dinner in Waikiki, and then flying over to Maui the next morning. We spent three nights at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort in Ka'anapali, a resort area on the western tip of the island. The hotel was awesome and relaxing. We had a bunch of good, expensive food. We got professional massages and attended the Old Lahaina Luau. We went snorkeling several times. We had never gone snorkeling before, but we found it to be loads of fun and much easier than we expected, except for the part where you get in or out of the water. We saw many, many fish, and got some underwater photos. Then we stayed three nights at a bed & breakfast in Wailuku, a working-class town in Central Maui. In Wailuku we had a bunch of cheap, hearty food. We drove to pretty much every corner of the island you can drive to, making the complete figure-8 tour of Maui, seeing the little-seen northwest and southeast coasts as well as the more famous Road to Hana, where you can see a gorgeous, raging waterfall about every mile or so. We also drove up to the top of the volcano Haleakala to watch the sunset, which was gorgeous, though the view into the crater was obscured by fog. Just about everybody in Hawai'i is laid back and friendly.


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