Monday, June 04, 2007

Kaus, the L.A. Times, and Paris Hilton

Have you looked at Mickey Kaus's blog lately? It's like 90% immigration. Zzzz. Even Sullivan never devoted that much space to one subject. And he has the gall to call the L.A. Times boring:

Why the L.A. Times is doomed: The following teaser appears, not on the front page, but at the bottom of the first page of the B section in today's Los Angeles Times.

Lindsay Lohan arrested The actress, 20, is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after hitting a curb and shrubbery in Beverly Hills. B3

P.S.: By the time LA residents got up to get the Sunday paper, the Lohan story had already led Drudge and been replaced by a fresher bit of news. Meanwhile, the New York Post featured an inch-and-a-half headline, plus picture, on its tabloid front page:

LINDSAY DRUG SHOCK Stash found after DUI bust

That's the New York Post of the same day as the LAT, even though the story happened in L.A. and the Post is produced in New York. ... The Post account is also juicier. ...

That's right, Mickey Kaus is holding up the New York Post as an example of what the Times should strive to be. It was just a couple years ago that Mickey himself would write about interesting things going on with L.A.'s mover/shakers. Now I have L.A. Observed, LAist, Defamer, and, oh yeah, the L.A. Times for that. I don't know what Mickey's value-added is these days.

But lest Mickey accuse me of being boring, I'll direct you to, where they have footage of Paris Hilton surrendering to the L.A. Sheriff's office. Yep, she's in jail now. I should warn you that the actual "Paris Surrenders" footage (no, it's not WWII vintage) is actually pretty boring. Even though it's about a hot celebrity! Who knew?

UPDATE: So, then, today Mickey Kaus has an op-ed article in the pages of the L.A. Times. And with an article about immigration policy, naturally, not drunken celebrities. But Mickey, I thought you said the Times was a useless dinosaur. I'm confused.


At Monday, June 4, 2007 at 12:39:00 PM PDT, Anonymous doafy said...

I am confused. He is faulting the Times for not running Lindsay Lohan on the front page? He actually wants to live in a world where fluffy gossip and scandal are considered actual *news*?

I hate people.


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