Thursday, April 19, 2007

Top 20 Democratic Candidates

Monday I noted that I could think of reasons why the top 3 candidates of either party wouldn't win*. John Moe of McSweeney's has me beat by listing pros and cons of the top 20 Democratic candidates, including a few you probably hadn't considered.

*For the record:
  • Hillary: Lots of people intensely dislike her. Seems phony.
  • Obama: Seems vaguely foreign. Maybe too far left.
  • Edwards: Nice, but seems kinda like a lawyer.
  • McCain: Lost credibility as a maverick when he became Bush's big supporter.
  • Romney: Flip-flopping Mormon from Massachusetts.
  • Giuliani: Not going to make a lot of friends in the Bible Belt.
Dark horse bonuses:
  • Richardson: Has substance, but lacks top-of-the-ticket charisma.
  • Gore: Not running. Polarizing. When he acts natural, he seems like he's following a consultant's advice to "act natural."
  • Newt Gingrich: I don't think Republicans realize how unlikable this guy is to the general populace.
  • Fred Thompson: Seems like the poor man's Ronald Reagan, a desperate ploy by conservatives unhappy with the choices they've got.
Nevertheless, of course, somebody's going to win.


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