Friday, June 09, 2006

Calm down, dude

BoingBoing's always-excitable blogorrheal contributor Cory Doctorow read the new Douglas Coupland novel "about how the novelty-seeking, irony-soaked, instant-nostalgia, gross-out culture of the Internet can corrode your soul, so that when you crack wise, there's nothing underneath it but more wisecracks," about people who "use Google and eBay to scour the globe for anything to make their lives meaningful" and "don't find it."

Apparently this hit close to home for Cory, as he says "it made me think hard about my own life and values."

Maybe that means that in the future, he won't watch an old Homestar Runner episode and be so enthralled by the "completely dead-pan, dead-on parody of the narration on the Disneyland Jungle Boat Cruise [sic]" that he feels is "is so completely perfect in its savage lampooning that I wanted to watch it again and again. Which I'm about to do. Bye." It's like a six-year-old watching a videotape of their favorite cartoon every afternoon. Remember, Cory, think hard about those values.


At Friday, June 9, 2006 at 9:47:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Vadim said...

Coupland's doing a reading and signing here on Tuesday, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. There's no way I can read the whole thing by then, and I don't have the money to buy. But I did love the one book I've read of his, Eleanor Rigby.

At Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 12:11:00 AM PDT, Blogger Adam Villani said...

Before visiting Vancouver, I read Coupland's City of Glass, an interesting impressionistic guide to the city. He basically just picked a bunch of topics about the city and wrote little one-page essays on them. It was good having that as a supplement to a more conventional travel guide. I also met up with Bjorn and had him show us around for an afternoon. That's a neat city, Vancouver.


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