Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Update on old Route 66 through Cajon Pass

I should probably note a couple of things about this post:
1. Technically, I was a few miles south of the summit of Cajon Pass, so it might be more accurate to say I was in Devore, in Cajon Canyon, but not technically at the pass itself, if you're a stickler for those kinds of things.
2. That same stretch of road was also an alignment with US-395 for many years, co-signed with US-66. From 1947 to 1965, it was also US-91. The extension of US-91 to the south and west is how CA-91 got its odd-numbered designation despite being an east-west route.
3. This guy has some good photos of the stretch of Cajon Blvd. north of Kenwood toward Cleghorn as part of his US-395 page.
4. You can find out a lot more about historic US highway alignments and historic roadways in general on this page.


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