Monday, June 07, 2010

June 8, 2010 California Voter Guide

Instead of telling you how I think you should vote, I'm just going to share and consolidate some links to voter guides from different newspapers across the state. For some of these, the web page I linked to just lists their recommendations, but then you click on the particular race or ballot measure to read the editorial on why they made that endorsement.

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Daily News
Long Beach Press-Telegram
Sacramento Bee
San Francisco Chronicle
San Diego Union-Tribune
San Jose Mercury-News - they also have a comprehensive guide profiling many candidates but not giving endorsements.
Orange County Register
Oakland Tribune
Riverside Press-Enterprise: Ballot Measures, Elected Officials
Fresno Bee

I suppose if I were so inclined, I could put together some kind of a spreadsheet showing what the different papers had recommended for each race, but I'd rather go out today (it's my furlough day).

(I have no idea what the original source of the painting was. I found it by doing a Google image search for "Vote.")